What sets Bucci apart?

Think and act proactively

Bucci srl acts as a real partner with which to dissect the reasons for unsatisfactory results and to study in depth all those right components capable of guaranteeing the achievement of objectives. Clear, realistic, shared and long-lasting goals for which the entire sales network, partners and collaborators work daily.

Sales force and motivation

-Training and coaching
-Transfer orders
- Sales support
-Personal research
- Incentive programs

Back office and call center activities

- Orders through EDI
- Order management
- Customer service
- Administrative services
- Customer inventory management
- Data synchronization


Bucci srl operates as a sourcer of various important foreign realities, for which it selects the producers who meet specific criteria. Ranging from ambient to frozen food, from premium products to mass market products, we satisfy numerous product requests, often targeted.


- Complete export services
- Examination and customs framework assistance
- Assistance to various certifications
- Wide network of partners, consultants,
local importers, distributors and agents

Method, tools and expertise to sell worldwide

We export Made in Italy

Our export department guarantees a 360 ° consultancy to companies that want to develop their business abroad.


Operating for years in more than 40 countries both in the retail, horeca and foodservice channels, we boast a full-bodied database of contacts, as well as numerous professional connections from the multifaceted type, capable of satisfying the varied requests that arise.