The result of the work of nature is extraordinary and gives Acqua Sangemini a set of unique values, the characteristics of which result from the uncontaminated territory it crosses and from the long journey it takes: before being bottled they spend 30 years and, during all this time, the water not only purifies, but is enriched with Calcium highly assimilable and bioavailable and other elements useful for our well-being, such as Bicarbonates, Fluorine, Potassium and Magnesium.

Il risultato dell’opera della natura è straordinario e conferisce all’Acqua Sangemini un insieme di valori unici, le cui caratteristiche risultano proprio dal territorio incontaminato che attraversa e dal lungo tragitto che compie: prima di essere imbottigliata trascorrono 30 anni e, durante tutto questo tempo, l’acqua non solo si purifica, ma si arricchisce di Calcio altamente assimilabile e biodisponibile e di altri elementi utili al nostro benessere, quali Bicarbonati, Fluoro, Potassio e Magnesio.

Helps maintain bone stock
Improve muscle contraction
promotes the activation of hormones, such as insulin
Helps regulate blood pressure
helps to clot the blood



Sangemini mineral water comes to light in a natural and uncontaminated habitat: the Martani Mountains, in the Umbrian Apennine complex. Its basin is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of central Umbria. The Sangemini water formation cycle lasts more than 30 years, to generate one of the most precious mineral waters of all.

The Sangemini spring, hidden deep in the travertine rocks, is kept in an uncontaminated land which, thanks to a precise and motivated company choice, has been defended and preserved from the great changes of modern times. The earth is tenaciously defended day by day with great attention.

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