Close to the customer

We work with integrated sales systems, designed internally with the trade and the customer by applying innovative marketing solutions aimed at creating solid and lasting partnerships with customers. This specificity, combined with the latest generation of information tools and the use of established professionals in the sector, allows us to analyze, share and (re) orient the results even in the same store.

Custom and flexible model

We don't believe in standard business models to be replicated on anyone. We collaborate daily in close contact with customers and suppliers to build a business model dedicated to their needs and possibilities and to achieve shared objectives. It is also always possible to readjust a model, changing methods and objectives in the race.

Do you have questions?

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand how our company works

Dissatisfied with your results?

As Victor Hugo said: "the future has many names: for the weak it means the unattainable; for the fearful it means the unknown; for the brave it means opportunity ”. Courage is an essential part of creating good luck. By "good luck" we mean those circumstances that allow us to seize opportunities. They are not, always or only, a matter of luck, quite the contrary. Usually, in the corporate-organizational context, the opposite of the opportunity is said to be the threat. Instead, we argue that the opposite of opportunity is not a threat but "inopportunity" (ie lack of opportunity). It is therefore essential to prepare ourselves, in the hic et nunc, by equipping ourselves with the appropriate tools so that when the time comes we can take advantage of the opportunities that arise. To summarize: creating "good luck" simply consists of "creating circumstances". Therefore we must develop our ingenuity to create tools, methods and systems that allow us to achieve our goal, seizing and developing opportunities when they arise.

What increase in turnover can I aspire to after a year of consulting?

Bucci srl is characterized by its seriousness and concreteness: it is therefore not our custom to create illusions by promising phantasmagoric future scenarios. If this were the case, we would not have been present on the market for 30 years, with a portfolio of suppliers and customers of undisputed importance. Given this premise, we can on the other hand affirm with certainty that we usually bring tangible results: sometimes in three months, other times in a year or more, but the results come. It must be said that they are also linked to the preparatory work to be carried out or not: obviously, if the company does not have translated packaging and / or catalogs for example, or a certification required for a specific market, the times are longer. In any case, our customers have the opportunity to constantly monitor the work done, subject to periodic and timely reports: the customer is therefore never left alone, being always informed of the work in progress.

How much will it cost me to rely on Bucci monthly?

Bucci srl adopts with its customers a modular and flexible approach which is therefore reflected in the costs. Unlike many other consultants, there is no provision for the payment of a fixed monthly base, but a commission deriving from the turnover achieved. On the side, however, it is obvious that if there are specific services requested (achievement of some certifications, graphic design of new packaging, construction and site maintenance, etc.), they will be counted separately; and having an internal staff, Bucci srl can boast competitive prices.

How is Bucci structured?

In addition to the internal fixed employees, Bucci srl has a vast network of collaborators in Italy and abroad to which are added commercial partners of various kinds: dealers, traders, importers, distributors, brokers and multipurpose figures capable of holding different roles in depending on the objectives to be achieved. Operating for decades, in many countries and in different channels, Bucci srl therefore boasts multiple professional connections.