Throughout 2019 and early 2020, the entire agri-food sector had embarked on a particularly positive trend, marked by marked growth until the first quarter of 2020.

Following the pandemic shock and the setback, many Italian companies have, however, been able to respond to the changes in the international demand for made in Italy products, trying to accommodate the increase in domestic consumption and greater research by international consumers. of those products necessary to satisfy essential needs.

Following the Veneto in this special ranking there are respectively Lombardy , Emilia Romagna , Piedmont and Campania .

A seguire il Veneto in questa speciale classifica ci sono rispettivamente Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte e Campania.

While maintaining a distribution that reflects overall Italian exports, the entire period of the pandemic has seen, as mentioned above, a change in consumption and in the international demand for made in Italy products.

In fact, in the face of downturns in the export of goods from the beverage industry and the meat and fish industry, there have been positive trends in typical and evocative Made in Italy products. These include pasta, oil, preserves, fruit, baked goods, sweets and condiments.

In the preserves sector, the most virtuous areas and with the greatest increases were the provinces of Salerno and Foggia.

Nel settore delle conserve le aree più virtuose e con i maggiori incrementi sono state le province di Salerno e Foggia.

Just as in the confectionery sector, the Salerno area surpasses Turin with an increase in terms of absolute change of 66 million euros in export value compared to the 46 million of Piedmontese companies.

Massimiliano NicolosiExport Manager | Bucci srl