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In the heart of Basilicata, in an uncontaminated place where nature reigns supreme, are the Fonti di Monticchio.

This spring, known since Roman civilization, is located on Mount Vulture, an ancient volcano that has been inactive for 130,000 years.

From these precious springs two waters of the highest quality flow: the natural sparkling Gaudianello and the natural oligomineral Ninfa Leggera.

During a long journey underground, the rain is filtered through the volcanic tuffs and acquires the mineral salts and trace elements through the natural flow between the underground rocks.

Gaudianello water is a naturally sparkling, tasty, naturally carbonated, distinguished by its micro-effervescence
of volcanic origin.

Particularly appreciated at the table thanks also to the balance of the mineral salts contained. A complete and long-lasting water where bubbles and minerals blend together to stimulate the taste buds.

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