Two million euros to continue growing, while the company is increasingly Green

We take this new development opportunity, both to expand our product range and to concentrate the investment on creating new snacks with functional raw materials

I Programmi integrati di agevolazone (Pia) della Regione Puglia, premiano i progetti di espansione di Fiore di Puglia.

Panificatori con le mani in pasta da 4 generazioni. Tra Andria e Corato. Tutto inizia quando Giuseppe Fiore lascia la bottega del padre per dare seguito ad una ambizione: portare i taralli fuori i confini regionali e nazionali.

After 25 years of activity, Fiore di Puglia is confirmed at the top of its sector, maintaining a steady growth rate and realizing the dreams of its founder. 2019 closed with a 15% growth in turnover, a figure that is confirmed for the third consecutive year, with 10 million euros in revenues. Four production lines, two factories and a lot of innovation related to taralli and the snack line.

<< It is a company that looks to the future - explains Tommaso Fiore, sales manager and CEO -. Today, as then, we take this new development opportunity, both to expand our product range and to concentrate the investment on the creation of new snacks with functional raw materials, with high nutritional priorities, such as fiber and natural proteins, all strictly Apulian, packaged in a one hundred percent compostable packaging >>. This is the future of snacks, as Fiore di Puglia intends it.

The strongly GREEN product uses renewable energy sources, the use of certified pellet ovens and a composting system that transforms part of organic waste into biological humus, activating the so-called circular economy.

Choices, these that have strengthened the company's presence in Europe: exports record a strong increase making the customer portfolio ever wider. The eastern market, especially China and Japan, represents today more than ever a great source of opportunity for Fiore di Puglia, especially after betting on this new line of products that was immediately liked by the market.

<< In this serious moment of crisis linked to the health emergency, in which we must push the economy of our territory, our company is bringing the line " Puglia Quality ", taralli and similar products that have as a common basis the use of purely local raw materials: from extra virgin olive oil, the "Coratina", to Altamura flour. The Pia concession was made this year after a careful analysis by the Region, which rewarded the planning and vision of the project by recognizing a subsidized fund for an investment of two million euros >>.

The vision of Fiore di Puglia will allow, when fully operational, to also have new jobs. << We have foreseen ten new hires that will allow you to follow the entire production process of the new savory snacks made in Corato, and will strengthen relationships with local suppliers, bringing the new job also to related industries >>. In this way, the company will bring its workforce to about sixty employees, of which fifty indefinitely.

The four sons Tommaso and Antonio - the company's directors - and Marinella and Annalisa were given the task of bringing the witness of Fiore di Puglia to success, transferred to them in September 2019 by the patron Giuseppe Fiore.

<< We are proud to be able to lead the company - Tommaso and Antonio Fiore tell us - but more than ever we will need the experience of our father, and the contribution of our sisters, to ferry us to new projects >>.

source: Lo Stradone/Aprile-maggio 2020

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