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The event that opens the doors to the best pizza chefs in Italy

How we participate

Raw material

Each year we place an exhibition space inside the Raw Materials Area dedicated to Italian gastronomic products of excellence, where we can exhibit, promote and taste the products to an audience of operators in the sector, journalists and consumers.

As a partner of the City of Pizza, we insert the brand on the main communication media that will be created to promote the event to all the target audience with the event.


Kids lab

Within La Città della Pizza, ample space will be dedicated to workshops created for children and for an audience of passionate consumers.

Within the Kids Labs organized in collaboration with Boing, children will be involved in appointments that will teach them "the art of doing" with children from 2 to 5 years old.
In this context, we organize workshops with focus on the "healthy snack": pizza / focaccia and how topping a product of our choice.


Technical workshop

Marzia Buzzanca was the protagonist of our workshop in the 2019 edition.
He used the speck Alto Adige PGI Senfter and the anchovies fillets in olive oil Angelo Parodi for his creations

Just some of the protagonists

Gabriele Bonci

Franco Pepe

Gino Sorbillo

Marzia Buzzanca

Ciccio Vitiello

Giancarlo Casa

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