opens today a new chapter in its business history with the purchase of Sfornarte's shares, a #leader manufacturer in the #bakery specialized in bases of #pinsa.

Since more than 30 years Bucci srl is an international agency of #consultancy e and #sales manufacturer in the #foodsectorFounded and guided by Paolo Bucci, the company invests from the very beginning in technology, human resources and skills, becoming a reference point for the Italian #foodbrands. alimentari italiani.

Animated by the love for #foodsector has supported the Italian #bigplayers within the conveying orders, contracts, agreements and promotions, providing its business partners with consulting and assistance services,guiding them in increasingly competiti, veicolando ordini, contratti, accordi e promozioni, fornendo ai partner commerciali servizi consulenziali e di assistenza per guidarli in mercati sempre più competitivi, esigenti e dinamici.

Today from that love was born something more: the awareness of having so much more to offer. And that’s why Bucci srl has put off her historical clothes, putting on something that fits its perfectly: boost your business, a 360degree consulting reality, formed by industry professionals who will lead the company’s new business units.

Keep following us to discover the developments of this new collaboration!