Garbo launches the new style for Aperitifs. Thanks to the small shaped version created by the leading firm in battered and breadcrumb products, that are lightly fried and crunchy, the traditional recipes have become delicious and appetising finger food. Aperigarbo brings in homes and restaurants the best regional italian specialities, ready in a frew minutes and perfect to satisfy the immediate desire for an aperitif or quality homemade fried food. A vast choice among the products that Garbo recommends for the aperitif: fried sage, battered vegetables, the happy mix (croquettes, roman croquettes, Ascoli olives, Sicilian croquettes etc) and the treats from the vegetables garden.

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Buoni e controllati!


The attention to the needs of the consumers is one of Garbo’s fundamental values. This is why the firm has chosen to improve the production and dedicate a new production plant to create a whole range dedicated to gluten free products. An ample current consumer range look for these types of products that has to guarantee a certainty for those that consume the products. The highest warranty in Garbo’s gluten free range is guaranteed by the quality of the raw materials and by the attentive work that occurs in the technology and production plant in Formello (Rome), where a vast range of appetizing breadcrumb and batter products are produced in a first rate and quality controlled way.

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The passion for the tradition of Italian culinary culture has inspired the Comanducci family for over twenty years, positioning the “Garbo Frozen foods” as a leading company in the production of batter and breadcrumb foods.


Garbo boasts the excellence of its products, thanks to care and meticulousness in the selection of raw materials. Garbo, in fact, guarantees the best suppliers from agricultural producers and companies that guarantee a high quality standard recognised all over Europe.


Garbo has obtained important certifications such as the BRC Grade “A”, IFS Higher Level, Bollo CEE IT S7S52CE, ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 22000:2005 that confirm the high quality standard that has always been the key element of the firm.

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